[rescue] Xenix386 software?

Jim Carpenter jim at deitygraveyard.com
Wed Jun 26 06:48:20 CDT 2013

On Jun 22, 2013, at 16:16, Dan Sikorski <me at dansikorski.com> wrote:
> In it there are a few boxes of floppies, looks like i have:
> Installation 2.3.4h
> Basic Utilities 2.3.4h
> Extended Utilities 2.3.4h
> Games 3.2.3a
> SCO TCP/IP Runtime System 1.0.1h
> SCO TCP/IP Runtime System for SCO UNIX 1.2.0i
> SCO Development System /lib/ldr SLS
> SCO Streams Runtime 1.0.0a
> ...and some various manuals and notes from a previous system owner, including
> what appers to be a substantial manual for streams and TCP/IP.
> I haven't done anything with any of the media, i don't know if any of it is
> still readable, don't know what kind of licensing restrictions would be on it
> or anything, but I don't think I have any use for any of it.  I can post some
> pictures later if there is interest

I just imaged a couple boxes of TRS-80 Model 4 floppies, which are
much older, and didn't have a single read error. Good chance all those
disks you have would read in just fine.

I hope you find a home for it. You got some good stuff there.


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