[rescue] Xenix386 software? (TRS-80 Mod II)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Sun Jun 23 22:15:51 CDT 2013

Lionel Peterson said ...

> There was a tremendous number of 'commercial' software 
> packages written back then - many of them (apparently) 
> started as one-off projects that turned into customizable 
> solutions for a given vertical. After CBASIC there were 
> Foxbase/Foxpro-based package aimed at verticals, but where 
> are those folks now? All the enthusiasm appears to be in 
> either web-based solutions or smartphone 'apps'...

As usual, the new stuff gets the press, but there's still lots of money
being made, and people working on, "traditional" stuff. I mean, try running
a real company with just cellphone apps. 

In fact, the stuff I wrote in 1979 is still in use, and its current
incarnation still being sold by the company I worked for back then.

You can still buy Peachtree's accounting software, which came out before the
IBM PC did.

On the bigger side, there are lots of COBOL programmers maintaining and
expanding all that old stuff.  If you know COBOL, FORTRAN, BAL, JCL, or any
of the languages of that era, bathe semi-regularly, and aren't a complete
lunatic, you can probably get a job in any city in the USA.

The fixie-riding, smartphone-app-writing hipsters don't yet rule the world.


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