[rescue] Xenix386 software?

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Sat Jun 22 16:16:51 CDT 2013

On Jun 21, 2013, at 5:10 PM, William Barnett-Lewis <wlewisiii at gmail.com>

> I asked this already on CC-Talk and didn't get anywhere but thought
> I'd pop it up here as a Just In Case...
> As another sideline in my vintage computing, I've been wanting to get
> a Xenix 2.3.4 system set up. No good reason, just because I think it
> would be fun. I used it briefly early in my career so I have a soft
> spot for it despite it's massive amounts of cruft and breakage. O_o I
> currently have the base OS & Developer Kit set up in emulation. My
> goal, unlikely though it is, is to get as complete a Xenix system as
> possible up and running on an old 386 or 486 class laptop. Maybe a
> DOS partition for old games too ;)
> However, the various unbundled bits are rare as which ever proverb you
> care to use.
> The unbundled kits I'm still looking for are these:
> 386 Developer kit 2.3.1 (I have 2.3.0d)
> CGI 1.1.0
> Text Processing 2.3.0 (nroff & friends)
> Manual Pages 2.3.0
> VP/ix 1.2.0 vpix (run MS-DOS apps slowly.)
> TCP/IP Runtime 1.2.0 tcprt  (it'd be fun to run Lynx!) (Depends on Streams)
> TCP/IP Development 1.0.1
> Streams Runtime 1.0.0
> Streams Toolkit 1.0.0
> A few things - the OS & Dev Kit can be found. The torrents & such
> that I have found only contain various versions of the OS. They work in
> QEMU with some fd fiddling.
> You can get up to GCC 2.58 running apparently though I haven't gotten
> that far yet.
> My next step in the emulated OS is to get the y2k patches installed as
> well as the various ported free software onto the emulated drive for
> installation. Lacking a TCP/IP stack probably means I'll have to
> somehow do it by serial or by (somehow) creating diskette images with
> various software on them. Perhaps with real floppy then dd ing it and
> mounting the resulting image?
> The other unbundled kits are what is missing. I'd really like the text
> processing, streams & TCP/IP kits but they & their licenses seem to
> have vanished into the ether.
> The only copies of Word and FoxPro that I've found I can not get to
> work correctly in Xenix386. They may or may not work correctly in a
> later (Unix, Open Desktop or Open Server) version.
> One other "just in case" - anyone got a copy of SCO Open Desktop 1.1?
> That was about the same time as Xenix386, had X11 & TCP/IP built in
> and Ingres DB bundled.
> I'll keep plugging away at it in case I get lucky :)

I have this box of Xenix and i don't even know how it came into my possession.
the label on the outside of the box says:

Product:  	SCO XENIX 386
			Operating System
Release:	2.3.4
Machine Type:	386GT
Media Type:	3.5" 135dshd

In it there are a few boxes of floppies, looks like i have:
Installation 2.3.4h
Basic Utilities 2.3.4h
Extended Utilities 2.3.4h
Games 3.2.3a
SCO TCP/IP Runtime System 1.0.1h
SCO TCP/IP Runtime System for SCO UNIX 1.2.0i
SCO Development System /lib/ldr SLS
SCO Streams Runtime 1.0.0a

...and some various manuals and notes from a previous system owner, including
what appers to be a substantial manual for streams and TCP/IP.

I haven't done anything with any of the media, i don't know if any of it is
still readable, don't know what kind of licensing restrictions would be on it
or anything, but I don't think I have any use for any of it.  I can post some
pictures later if there is interest

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