[rescue] Another hidden cache of Sun parts found

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Wed Jun 19 09:22:06 CDT 2013

I have no idea on the functional state of any of these parts. My company
is moving into a larger space and someone found a locked drawer full of
Sun parts, then gave it to me to either find homes for or trash.
Best guess is that someone (not me) was stripping parts off a E5x00 and
a Netra.

* Sun 400MHz UltraSPARC-II Processor (p/n 501-5445)
* Rear I/O Board for Netra t1 100/105 (p/n 501-5488)
* Sun X958A 184W Peripheral Power Supply for E3000/E4x00/E5x00/E6x00
(p/n 300-1301)
* Sun 300 Watt Power/Cooling Module for Sun E3x00, E4x00, E5x00, E6x00
(p/n 300-1260)
* Sun Netra T1 100/105 Cp1500 Idprom (p/n 370-3997)
* Sun Disk Expansion Board (no hard drives in it) looks like it came
from an E5x00 (p/n 5015137)
* Another (slightly larger) Sun Disk Expansion Board (no hard drives in
it) (p/n 501-5761)
* Sun X2612A SBus I/O Board with SOC+ (p/n 501-4883)
 It has the following SBUS cards in it:
 - (2) Sun X1065A Differential Ultra/Wide SCSI Host Adapter
   (UDWIS/S) (HVD) (p/n 370-2443)
 - Sun X1049A Quad Port 100 Base-TX Fast Ethernet (p/n 501-4837)
* Sun Clock Board - 83/90/100MHz Gigaplane (p/n 501-4946)

Free to a good home, but I really want them gone. They're in Westford,
MA (01886). If no one claims them in the next few days, they're going in
the dumpster.


Fedora Project

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