[rescue] Cray Exhibit - Chippewa Falls, WI

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Jun 14 21:11:31 CDT 2013

I was in Eau Claire WI today with my friend Stuart, who is a former Cray
employee, so we tracked down the "Cray Museum" exhibit in Chippewa Falls.
It's now run by the city of Chippewa Falls, and along with the Cray stuff
has exhibits on Leinenkugels beer and Mason shoes.
The place was very laid back - they turned on the lights and let us loose
by ourselves.  I asked if pictures were OK, and they said "Sure!" so
here's a link to a Flickr set of what we saw:
I figured this crew might enjoy them.
There was more (but not much more) including Seymour's plain Steelcase
desk, examples of the circuit diagrams that were done by hand in colored
pencil on graph paper, and the different patent grants, etc.
All in all a great trip. I came home with a nice Mac G5 Quad tower -
which was the point of the trip - so it was a good day :-)

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