[rescue] Does any one on the list run this?

Ian Finder ian.finder at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 19:25:28 CDT 2013

I didn't want to be the first to say this but most of the machines he
calls out explicitly in the ad are in the higher eBay value camp. If
he's really a museum, why does he call out Sun 1s, or the Cube variant
NeXT? Why no SGIs, NeXTstations, Sun 2/3?

Why does he want an AlphaBook and not a SparcBook? Or a PaRISC
portable? Because an alpha one sold for a zillion dollars recently?

The cherry picking in his list seems awful fishy.

Glad someone else thinks this reeks as well.

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On 6/6/2013 11:30 AM, Ian Finder wrote:
> http://www.vintagecomputersnw.com/
> http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/sys/3851479107.html
> It claims to be a virtual vintage computer museum, and posts regular
> Craigslist ads in the Seattle area asking for donations, but as far as I
> can tell, it's not much of a museum as there is no original content on the
> site whatsoever-- it links to other resources, but has no "exhibit" portion
> -- no original pictures, simply a list of items in the collection with no
> data.
> Seems like a somewhat dishonest way for a collector to get things cheap /
> free, but I could easily be wrong and jumping the gun here as well-- that's
> just what it looked like to me.
> Maybe it's something someone hasn't gotten around to yet.
> Either way, I'd love to know the plan for it.
> Cheers,
> - Ian
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Looks like a money making deal. The whois goes back to someone from
somewhere called seattlesurplus.net . The guy who registered
vintagecomputersnw also registered http://www.compudar.com/ and the
street address matches for this Compudar thing, seattlesurplus.net, and
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