[rescue] Anyone dealt with a SPARCle laptop with bad video?

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 6 17:10:58 CDT 2013

You can't use a standard Solaris cd or dvd - the keyboard mapper file isn't
It will just die with no keyboard/mouse control.

You have to use the
Tadpole Sol 8 or 9 or 10 dvd etc.
Plus you need to use a usb keyboard and usb
mouse "usually" when you do any upgrades - for the same reason.

What I've
found with mine is if you get any video out the laptop lcd - then it knows
about it and its not a  driver per se.
Usually you get no video at all and
have to go in serially (itself a challenge with no db9 etc) and reset the tty.
Even with a red exception burned up cpu I've been able to get video etc.
have had to replace either the lcd itself or a couple of time the the lcd
connector cable (between the lcd and the system board).

Last time I checked
- ftp.tadpole.com was offline - so if you need a copy of the tadpole disks -
ping me off list and I'll burn/mail you a set.


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