[rescue] Fast Ethernet with a Sparc Classic

Bill Green bill at supposedly.org
Sun Jun 2 13:03:57 CDT 2013

On 31/05/2013 1:40 PM, Kurt Nowak wrote:

> 2) If so, would anyone be able to predict what
> kind of performance I could get with this if its even possible? I'll be
> running OpenBSD as I have happily been doing for years with my old Sparcs.

I ran a SparcStation 5 with the 170MHz turbosparc with a QFE as a
router/firewall under NetBSD. It could handle 15 Mbps cable and two
internal networks with about 60-70% CPU usage, IIRC.  I eventually
replaced it with a Netra T1 because it didn't have a lot of processor
time left over for userspace and it had trouble with things like torrenting.

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