[rescue] Sparc based distro's - WAS:Re: Martin is at it again

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 2 10:14:02 CDT 2013

>   Porting things from one platform to another has long been a bit of

challenge, and makes one pay very careful attention to what he's
>doing if the
thing's to work in multiple environments.  With the
>monoculture of Intel and
Linux we're starting to see the skills that
>make multi-platform ports
possible disappearing.  Too, GNU and the
>FSF haven't been helping matters
with their sloppy (in my opinion)
>handling of things like null-pointers which
engender poor programming
>practises.  I've ported lots of Linux stuff to
Solaris and other
>various *NIX platforms, and some of it has been easy and
some of it
>was utterly impossible; good projects welcome porting patches and
>poor ones don't.  Too, porting things is a great means of QA; it tends
pull a lot of subtle problems out of the code.

Having never dived deep into
the subject - on a distro such as this, 
can I successfully run what I'll call
a COTS (commercial off the shelf) 
application - say netbackup (sparc) ?

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