[rescue] VMS for VAXstation

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Mon Jul 29 09:30:04 CDT 2013

>Before doing much else with it, I'll replace the 100M SCSI drive with a
>1G or a 2G depending on what I have around. I am assuming that most any
>50-pin SCSI drive will work.
>The real question is how to get VMS? Is the OpenVMS hobbyist license the
>best way to do that? Sounds like I need to join a support group in order
>to do that. (OK with me; I am sure I'll need help from time to time.)
>Are there other options?

Note that for VAXstation 3100s (and other early small SCSI VAXes) you need to
have a system drive smaller than 1.07GB
for VMS because VMS doesn't do partitions and the VAXstation 3100 VMB firmware
only does 6-byte SCSI commands.
*BSD will work as long as the root partition is kept to 1GB or smaller.

Hobbyist license is best unless you have several thousand $$ that you can't
come up with another use for.

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