[rescue] VMS for VAXStation

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sat Jul 27 11:03:45 CDT 2013

So I finally have hardware that will run VMS, something that I have 
wanted to do for years now. I don't know why; maybe it's because it's 
different from any OS that I know or have used.

In any case, I have a VAXStation 3000 model 30, I believe. It came with 
matching monitor, mouse and keyboard, though I am only using a serial 
connection while I learn about booting with MOP and play around with 
Open BSD on it. I'm far enough through the OpenBSD install that I'm sure 
everything will work.

Before doing much else with it, I'll replace the 100M SCSI drive with a 
1G or a 2G depending on what I have around. I am assuming that most any 
50-pin SCSI drive will work.

The real question is how to get VMS? Is the OpenVMS hobbyist license the 
best way to do that? Sounds like I need to join a support group in order 
to do that. (OK with me; I am sure I'll need help from time to time.) 
Are there other options?



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