[rescue] nice rescue: Voyager

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Jul 14 11:19:18 CDT 2013

> I tried to install NetBSD 6.1 on my Voyager and had issues with Xorg
> freezing the box.  It seems like Xorg is finicky on non-Intel
> machines.

What a surprise. :-(

> I ended up using a back level of NetBSD that used XFree86 instead to
> get X to work.  If you do get Xorg to work properly on the Voyager,
> please post the xorg.conf file somewhere.

On my Suns I use MIT X (X11R4).  Depending on what you want from X (eg,
you're not likely to be doing 3D gaming on a Voyager!), that might be a
workable option for you.  I'll be happy to share what I have with
anyone interested - indeed, most (all, I think) of it is up for
anonymous FTP right now, just not well documented.

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