[rescue] Xenix 386 Project: A Torrent

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:59:08 CDT 2013

I've gotten to a point where I've scrounged enough of bits that I can
make work in emulation that I've put together a torrent of the SCO
Xenix files I've found.

Included are:

Xenix Runtime System 2.3.4
Development System(386) 2.3.0
GCC 1.40 & 2.5.8 with Make 3.68
CGI 1.1.0
Text Processing 2.3.0
Manual Pages 2.3.0
VP/ix 1.2.0 vpix
TCP/IP Runtime 1.2.0
Streams Runtime 1.0.0
MS Word 5.1.1 for Xenix
MS Multiplan 2.201 for Xenix
MS Pascal Compiler for Xenix
MS Basic for Xenix
SCO FoxPro+ for Xenix
SCO Office Portfolio (Lyrix, Professional, Integra)
Microfocus VS Cobol 1.2
SCO Games
SCO Public Domain Supplement
SLS patches including xnx427d Y2k patches
Miscellaneous ported software from internet repositories
Precompiled copy of the MGR windowing system from Bellcore. This runs
on VGA with a serial mouse. In theory a bus mouse or a PS/2 (aka
"keyboard mouse") mouse will work as well. su to root then at the top
of the distribution edit the makefile as desired and type "make
XenixSerials.txt - there may be errors in these.

If this might be of interest to you, the torrent is here:

Next step in the process for me will be when my new/old 1997 Compaq
Presario 1210 (P150, 16mb, 1.4 gb, VGA, floppy & a cd to use only
under Dos) arrives and I start making 3.5" DSHD floppies ... ;)

Live like you will never die, love like you've never been hurt, dance
like no-one is watching.
                Alex White

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