[rescue] PS/2 mouse driver for Xenix 386 2.3.4?

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 20:00:44 CDT 2013

>Bochs is a potentially more faithful emulator, and it has always
>supported serial mice. You may also want to try VMware
>Workstation/Player (I've gotten SCO OpenSewer to run in it before.)
>Lastly, this CVS commit looks like QEMU experimented with an ms serial
>mouse emulation.

Running it with the mouse set as serial allows the emulator to start the
MGR binary proving that the build runs. However the pointer does not
respond to my mouse's movements. OTOH, qemu's command line is
sufficently arcane that I may well have it incorrect currently.

I'm bidding on an older P150 laptop to use as a Xenix & dos games machine.
Worst case, I can hang a serial rodent off of tty1a ;)

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                Alex White

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