[rescue] PS/2 mouse driver for Xenix 386 2.3.4?

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 14:39:43 CDT 2013

The Xenix quest continues! I'm making progress and have tracked down
most of the add-on kits. However in case there is anyone here who can
help, I've got a smallish headache.

I am attempting to get the MGR windowing system up and running under
Xenix in QEMU 1.4.0. Though QEMU passes my mouse through as an
emulated PS/2 mouse, Xenix does not see it and "mkdev mouse" only

1) Logitech serial
2) MS serial
3) Mouse Systems PC II serial
4) Mouse Systems PC mouse
5) MS Bus mouse
6) Olivetti Bus mouse
7) Logitech Bus mouse
8) Keyboard Mouse ( :confused: )

Unless the "keyboard mouse" is a way of emulating a mouse via
keystrokes, it would appear that I need drivers for the PS/2 mouse?

Any thoughts, suggestions, software?


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