[rescue] How to install SunOS from tape files without a physical tape drive

Peter Koch rescue.pkoch at dfgh.net
Wed Jul 3 10:51:54 CDT 2013

Hi James,
> TME is the one I was thinking of. Note that I haven't tried this. I've been
> thinking about it because I'll hit the same problem next year (how do I
> install SunOS from tape images when I don't have a physical tape drive?) and
> that's the most promising idea I have come up with. There may be pitfalls I
> don't know about.
Here's how I would install SunOS from tape images without a physical 
tape drive:

1) Compile TME under linux (without ethernet)
2) create an image file with the exact size of your physical hard disk
3) run TME and install into the image file from your tape files (if you ever
installed SunOS on a real Sun 3/60 you will notice some difference in speed)
4) copy the imagefile back to your physical hard disk.

I don't have a running Sun 3/60 so I cannot do step 4 right now. But 
step 1-3
works well.

Peter Koch (the 2nd)

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