[rescue] Source for new IDPROM chips?

Andrew Hoerter amh at POBOX.COM
Mon Jul 1 11:56:44 CDT 2013


I'm restoring a few Sun machines and need a good source for new ST
Micro M48T59Y-70PC1 parts (the integrated IDPROM/battery/RTC module).
The usual suspects such as Mouser, Digikey, etc. seem to not be
stocking these anymore (perhaps they're out of production now).  I've
found a few companies in the U.S. selling them "age unknown" for
exorbitant prices, and some Chinese companies on EBay claiming to have
new ones cheap.

Before I roll the dice on the EBay cheapies, can anyone point me to a
known good source for these things at a reasonable price ($50?  Give
me a break...)


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