[rescue] POWER System SAS controllers?

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Mon Jul 1 04:19:14 CDT 2013

Morning all,

I'm looking for a SAS controller for my POWER system, (9110-510) so I can 
use my 3TB SATA drives and shut down my Sun Fire V480 for the summer...it 
just uses too much power at the same time aircon needs to run.

However, I'm having trouble finding one that works with AIX.  My 
SAS3080X-HP does not, and the IBM-recommended cards are $300-$1500.  I'd 
rather not pay that much to access 2 drives on a system I got for a trade 
of stuff I wasn't using...

Anyone know of an AIX 6.1-supported card or have one they'd part with for 
free, cheap, or a trade?


Cory Smelosky
http://gewt.net Personal stuff
http://gimme-sympathy.org Projects

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