[rescue] Speaking of Sun x86 gear..

Dr. Robert Pasken rpasken at eas.slu.edu
Mon Jan 28 08:59:48 CST 2013

Ebay seller lucite-bakelite has Sun Ultra-40's. I bought a dual-core 
dual processor with 8gb, slot load DVD-RW for $149 plus shipping. A 
single core dual processor at 3ghz, with 12gb, slot load DVD-RW is going 
for $169. No disks or sleds, but spuds are common and cheap ($5) and so 
are SATA drives. I added two drives to mine, one is a 32gb SSD and the 
other a 500gb spinning rust

On 1/27/13 6:54 PM, Bill Bradford wrote:
> Anybody have an Ultra 20 M2 lying around they want to get rid of?  I
> have an itch to own some actual Sun-branded gear once again... even if
> it's x86.  Unfortunately the rackmounted stuff is too loud to run at
> home.
> Bill


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