[rescue] U60 part 2

Mauricio Tavares raubvogel at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 09:40:28 CST 2013

      A long due update: last week I *finally* found a box
to ship the U60. It is a rather tight box.

The last email was mostly to gather interest and see if I should
bother to find box. Now, it is time to find a new owner.

As you can see from
it has

* 2 cpus (450MHz)
* Maxed out (2GB) Memory
* 2 drive sleds
* SCSI DVD drive

If you are interested in it, you will pay for shipping and send me a
label. I will not get price quotes; this is non-negotiable. I will
tape label to box and drop it into whatever carrier you want
(UPS/USPS/FedEx). IMHO, good things about FedEx are that its office is
open 24/7 and is on my way home. Otherwise it is all the same to me.

Box is 21x19x12 and weights 47lb

My zip code is 32608.

First one to contact me for my full address gets it.

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