[rescue] Sun gear free for pickup - Montreal - No shipping.

Charles Redmond charlie250y at yahoo.com.au
Tue Jan 8 00:06:14 CST 2013

After some two years in Canada I'm likely to be relocated back home sometime
and I have too much gear to ship it all home.

The following are
available free for pickup in Montreal (Mouse, are you interested?)

Sun V20Z
with 8GB ram and rails, disk caddies but NO hard disks.

Sun V440. I think
this has 4GB ram, Quad 1.2Ghz CPU's and 1 Sun 72GB SCSI disk.

Sun Ultra 80 4
x 450 mhz  CPU's  and 4GB ram. It has a Sun XVR 1000 graphics card installed.
Sun Blade 1000. This has a Sun XVR 1200 and 4GB ram. I'm not sure of the CPU
specs but I think it is a dual.

None of this equipment has been used since
I've been here with the exception of the Sun Blade 1000. I replaced the
original motherboard in the
unit due to broken USB ports in the original and
never used it again due to having both a Blade 2000 and 2500 to replace it.

really, really don't want to ship any of this stuff.

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