[rescue] OS Thoughts (Was Re: Transplanting a Sun Fire V210 motherboard - PSU requirements?)

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Wed Feb 27 22:19:25 CST 2013

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Some interesting thoughts on OS design.

I've been pondering getting a Raspberry Pi mainly to play with various
OS's that are on it (swap out a SD chip, have a new world). One
project that I'd like to try is stripping down the linux distro to the
minimum so that all it is is the FEP for a copy of Brad Parker's CADR
lisp machine emulator. While it will hardly be fast by today's
standards, I'd bet it would still put an LM-2 to shame :)

I'm also amused by the fact that Plan 9 runs on it. That would be
interesting to play with as well.

Porting Minix to it would probably be beyond my skill set though I
could see trying simply because of it has an interesting architecture
that could work well on that system.

Last but not least, a copy of SIMH, or perhaps Hercules, and all kinds
of things long forgotten in a windows world become available to play

So many potential toys, so little money to play with :(

Oh, for my money, Win2K was the best of the bunch so far. Wish my last
CD of it hadn't died, I'd still rather run it for W32 software.
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