[rescue] Transplanting a Sun Fire V210 motherboard - PSU requirements?`

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Wed Feb 27 16:42:38 CST 2013

> NetBSD has really changed.  Stuff seems so much less stable and
> well-implemented now.  I think they got in over their heads with the
> sheer number of architectures supported.

I dunno.  I see it more as their having been lured by the societal bias
towards commercial success, even though that's not terribly relevant to
a volunteer open-source project.  So I see them as trying to beat Linux
at its own game, and I believe they'll get their asses handed to them
at that.  And, in the process, they'll alienate the userbase who wants
a small, clean, multiplatform system - the announcement that everything
but amd64, arm, i386, and maybe one other were now second-class
citizens was a masterpiece of spin-doctoring, but the content still
struck me as a clear "see Figure 1" to the now-second-class ports, and
those who care about them.

> So choose closed, choose broken/in-over-their-heads, or choose
> fractured and political.

And, of course, those categories are not mutually exclusive. :(

> There are unfortunately no good options...

Too true.  This is why I'm still with NetBSD: I haven't found anything
better for my purposes/tradeoffs. :(

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