[rescue] Transplanting a Sun Fire V210 motherboard - PSU requirements?`

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Wed Feb 27 11:41:15 CST 2013

> I think what really pisses me is the fact that weird Larry will just
> kill a perfectly good operating system, Solaris.

> Infact - it makes me really angry.

Personally, that bothers me less than their killing the "release
documentation on hardware we no longer care about" program Sun was
running in its last days.  I've got at least two or three sbus cards
which are borderline useless to me for lack of documentation but which
as far as I can tell nobody cares about in a commercial sense.  I had a
doc request open in Sun's program for at least one of them....

> As Ellison goes further with the assimilation of SUN, he just
> assaults any community interest in the platform and applications.

Sure.  Oracle has never found value in community anything, as far as I
can tell.  And, for their goodness metric, it would appear they're
right: Sun did, and Sun basically failed.

It's one of the respects in which our system of measuring value is
broken: it takes no account of value to the world that doesn't also
represent differential value to an individual person or company.  Not
that I have any fixes to suggest....

> I think most old Sun guys like me just resent him.

I resent him less than I resent the system that led to, and supports,
him and his ilk.

> I'll just choose OpenIndiana or move towards Linux or the *BSD crowd.

I've been a BSD type myself since ~forever.  When I first wanted to run
something open on a Sun, NetBSD was the only option; even now, as far
as I can tell Linux is the only other option for the variety of
hardware I have, and, as much as NetBSD is looking determined to trash
the reputation they built up, I find I still prefer it over Linux.  (I
really should look into possible alternatives....)

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