[rescue] Transplanting a Sun Fire V210 motherboard - PSU requirements?`

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Wed Feb 27 10:38:13 CST 2013

>> [...] V245 [...] V210 [...]
> I suspect that the reason the bottom has dropped out of this market
> is Oracle support contracts.

That strikes me as plausible.

> When Oracle wants 10% of original MSRP for a HW support contract,
> before they will even talk to you about Solaris patches, used
> equipment stops making any sense.

> Unless you have a "grey market" source for patches, how can any home
> user keep Solaris secure?

I doubt the home users are the reason.  A substantial fraction -
possibly even most - of the home users would be fine with running Linux
or a BSD or some such instead of Solaris.  I also suspect they are a
comparatively small part of the market.

I think the people who have abandoned the market in droves are the
commercial users who, with Oracle's predatory pricing, are suddenly
finding it economic to replace whole systems rather than replace
failing hardware underneath a Solaris-based setup.

Not that I have any special window into the market, mind you.  These
are total guesses.  (I've never been interested in running Solaris
myself even when it was Sun behind it.)

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