[rescue] Smaller patch panels? (home wiring)

Mark Brown sunrescue1 at marknmel.com
Wed Feb 20 05:15:48 CST 2013

On 2/20/2013 1:42 AM, Bill Bradford wrote:
> One thing I need is a 24 or 48-port RJ45 (Cat5/e) patch panel to
> terminate some runs into.
> Bill

Nice!  I'm afraid I don't have anything kicking about, but I can offer a 
free suggestion ;-)

As I built out the network around my place I initially started with a 48 
port patch panel with 110 punchdown on the back.  While that works, 
punchdown is really meant for a nice comm cabinet or two-post rack where 
you have decent rear physical access.  At home, if you ever want to make 
a change (add a drop or two), it begins to be a bit of a p.i.a. to do 
this given the limited access behind.

Since then, I've found that the keystone patch panel is a little more 
serviceable. Just add ports as you need them. They also deal well with 
evolving standards and you are not limited to ethernet either - (HDMI, 
Toslink, Component, Speaker etc).  I think they are inexpensive to get 
going with.  Fully populated they do cost a bit more than 110 style.

(something like 


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