[rescue] Free: Next slab & monitor/local pu 94538

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Feb 6 01:27:37 CST 2013

> Ethan,
> Where might one acquire such a gadget?  Not only does my NeXT monitor need
> it, but it's a common problem we have at the Living Computer Museum
> (although it competes with screen burn-in as our biggest headache with
> terminals).  Thanks -- Ian

Hello Ian!

So the main brands are Sencore and B&K.

Here is where it gets a tiny bit tricky. A lot of CRTs have different 
connectors, and the units come with (or find PDFs of) documents that 
list CRTs and which adaptor to use.

A friend scored me a free one, but it lacks the adaptors to fit the arcade 
monitors that I generally would want to rejuvinate. It takes two adaptors 
on top of what I have to get to the connector that is common on arcade 
monitors (I'm told.)

Another thing, a friend brought one over and we ran it on my Neo Geo (an 
arcade machine) monitor. Before it was dull, weak. After it was so vibrant 
and great. Except we didn't take the monitor out and lay it face down (the 
abbreciated instructions didn't say this :-) and the monitor turns bright 
green with raster lines through it randomly. It just needs to be redone 
with the monitor sitting face down. Tapping the neck of the tube makes the 
arcade go back to normal.

It seems dark arts but I've seen it restore near death CRTs.

The units are called CRT rejuvinators.


If you're not familiar with monitor repair hit me up, we can talk voice 
for a minute and I can give you some info on safety.

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