[rescue] IBM z890 help wanted

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat Dec 28 13:59:23 CST 2013

Not sure if anyone can help me, but want to work on making my z890 more
useful again.

First, it'd be nice if I could unlock via CuoD more IFLs, CPs or faster
CPs, but it sounds like IBM has mostly stopped issuing keys to do that.
 I'm not expecting much luck, but if someone knows someone inside IBM that
could help me get CuoD activations for my (personal/hobbyist) mainframe,
that'd be swell.  I'd rather throw some money into CuoD on the z890 that I
have than try to find another machine just to get a little performance bump.

I also need to find some ECKD compatible storage, preferably FICON or
ESCON, preferably physically not too huge.  I thought I might have some
luck with the DMX 1500's that work had, but it appears that they were both
retired when they broke, after we stopped paying for maintainence.
 Something that'd fit in one rack or less would be ideal.



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