[rescue] The IPX lives, kinda

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Dec 25 22:48:32 CST 2013

> ok boot net bsd.rd
> Boot device: /sbus/le at 0,c00000   File and args: bsd.rd
> 13000
> >> OpenBSD BOOT 2.6
> Booting bsd.rd
> boot: client IP address:
> boot: client name: honey
> root addr= path=/tftpboot
> Cannot load bsd.rd: error=72
> device[/sbus/le at 0,c00000]:

With the NetBSD booters I know, "bsd.rd" would have to be the kernel
executable; the .rd makes it look as though it may be a ramdisk image.
I don't know whether this is your problem or this is a difference
between Net and Open or a difference between the versions I'm used to
and the version you're working with or what, but it might be worth
checking the netboot instructions for your version to be sure that
whatever's in bsd.rd is what you're supposed to be feeding it.

errno 72 is EBADRPC on my NetBSD machines.  My impression is that errno
values are fairly consistent across all the Unices; if you have another
machine running the same version it might be worth checking to see if
that's what it is there.  EBADRPC is rather uninformative, but does
lead me to ask - you say you captured the whole exchange; did the IPX
error out early (after just a few packets) or did it load the whole
thing and error out at the very end, or what?  If it really is a
problem with a bad RPC struct, that seems to me to indicate that one
end is generating something the other doesn't like.

This is something else you could check in the packet capture: is the
server actually returning a "bad RPC call" error, or is this generated
within the booter?  In either case, you might want to look at the code
for the booter to see if you can see where the problem (the bad struct
or the errno, as the case may be) is coming from.  It might even be
that the client thinks the server's response is corrupt.  If so, you
should be able to tell whether the client is right by looking at the
packets and the RPC definitions.

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