[rescue] The IPX lives, kinda

Wed Dec 25 20:30:11 CST 2013

Merry Christmas evening all,

Had some time over the holidays to dig into the SPARCs I rescued.  Decided to
first concentrate on the IPX.  Net booting it - involving setting up a RARP
server, bootparamd, and TFTP on my main Linux server was relatively
straightforward from the resources I found on the 'net.  I am up to this

ok boot net bsd.rd
Boot device: /sbus/le at 0,c00000   File and args: bsd.rd
>> OpenBSD BOOT 2.6
Booting bsd.rd
boot: client IP address:
boot: client name: honey
root addr= path=/tftpboot
Cannot load bsd.rd: error=72
device[/sbus/le at 0,c00000]:

No matter what I try, I cannot get past this point.  In the logs on my Linux
box I can see that it appears to be working every step of the way:

Dec 25 22:13:03 thrifty rarpd[7953]: RARP request from 08:00:20:27:04:00 on

Dec 25 22:13:07 thrifty mountd[10240]: authenticated mount request from for /tftpboot (/tftpboot)

(tftpboot is where I'm storing the OpenBSD distribution for testing).

I took tcpdump traces and fed them to Wireshark and I can see that thrifty (my
nfs server) is feeding (or at least it thinks it is) the "bsd.rd" file to the 
SPARC, but the SPARC isn't accepting it, and always gives error 72.  If
someone is feeling really masochistic (sp?) I can make the trace available.

I do need a new NVRAM for the SPARC as the battery is dead, so I have to type
in a good dozen or so lines every time it's been powered off to reset the MAC
address.  (thanks to folks on the list for that info) 
Once I get OpenBSD on it successfully, I'll get a new NVRAM, and also 
stuff it full of RAM as well.

At this point it has to be something simple. (and I'll probably swear once
I find out that it is indeed something simple) If anyone has done this before,
pointers on what to check (or double-check) would be appreciated.



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