[rescue] Garage cleaning: free to a good home

Matti Nummi mnusa2 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 21 04:59:31 CST 2013

I would love to get the SMD chassis.
Unfortunately I am in Europe :-(.
Would anybody be interested in packing and sending it
while I would pay all shipping and a good
compensation for the troubles?
I know it is heavy. I could go by even with an empty chassis.

BR Matti.

>I'm in the process of moving, and also admitting that there are some
>projects I'm just never going to get around to. As a result, I have some
>items that need a new home before they end up at the recycler. They are
>currently in a garage in Lynnwood, which is just north of Seattle, WA. 
of these are too big to ship, and I don't have time either, so it's 
>pick up
>* several old Microchannel RS/6000 desktop-sized units, both Power-
>PowerPC-based, and a bin of Microchannel cards. One of these may
>actually be ISA/PCI
>* a pair of Mac IIci's, and a bin of Nubus cards and
other Mac stuff
>* Umax PPC Mac clone
>* Alphaserver 2100 deskside
>* Sun
deskside SMD chassis and two 8" SMD hard drives
>* several HP 9000/700 family
machines, including a couple C-class 
>I don't know the
condition of any of it. I never had time to do more 
>with it than put it on a
shelf and admire it. All pieces are likely to 
>include a selection of vintage
dead spiders, though.
>Best time to pick up would be this Sunday the 22nd,
although I can hold 
>on to claimed items for a couple more weeks if need be.

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