[rescue] wanted: White plastic tower case shell for BA23 DEC MicroPDP/MicroVAX

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at agj.net
Thu Dec 19 05:23:43 CST 2013

ons 2013-12-18 klockan 21:52 -0500 skrev Mark G Thomas:
> Hi,
> FedEx Ground has *LOST* my two boxes with 70lbs of DEC parts coming 
> from AZ to PA as part of an e-bay deal. I am extremely frustrated and
> sad. Most of the lost parts can be found again on e-bay, but intact
> cases seem to be rare. FedEx says I should just "order another one".
> Fortunately the box with the BA23 chassis and some of the boards arrived
> in a prior shipment, but I sure wish I had the plastic shell so I can stand 
> it upright in my office. That was one of the main reasons I went for this one.
> So now I've got this awesome but naked PDP11/73 taking up way too
> much floor real estate since I can't stand it upright without the case,
> without blocking the air vents.
> Does anyone have an extra shell, or even just the rectangular front bezel
> part? I've got mangled sides from another deal that possibly I could glue,
> but with no front piece it's going to be ugly and repeatedly remind me of the 
> lost parts.

Have a good carpenter make a nice shell out of fir or spruce for it !

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