[rescue] 13w3 video adapter issues

rescue rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Dec 17 11:58:28 CST 2013

Watch out on that Barracuda (ST15150N).  For their time they were nice 
drives, but they run HOT, HOT, HOT.  I doubt an LX will cool it enough 
to have a long life and you'll likely suffer bearing failure.  I found 
in the day if they were kept cool we never suffered a failure (we had 
over 7 or more of them in an array on a usenet news server in the 1990s 
ISP boom).

Other than for short runtime, you'll probably need to find a cooler 
running drive.  Although it doesn't hurt to try, but after a period of 
operation when everything should reach full temperature, shut down, pop 
the top quick and check out the drive temp.

I've never dared run these directly in a pizza box or lunch box sparc.  
I've always ran them in an external enclosure with plenty of airflow.

The multipack with 4 drive positions might be able to cool one or two 
of those...  and the 811 enclosure for 5.25" disks should have enough 
air and flow for one.  I wouldn't put one in a 411 either.

Anyone have an experience running those in a pizza box, lunchbox, 411 
drive box, or multipack that can share heat/longevity experience ?

-- Curt

On 2013-12-17 10:25, William Barnett-Lewis wrote:
> Thanks to Jonathan I have a nice little LX downstairs. I've got
> everything hooked up, the ST15150N spins up, the lights on the 
> keyboard
> do their thing but no signal is getting to the vga monitor. I believe
> I've used this adapter in the past with an IPX. I do have a second 
> one
> that also doesn't get me anywhere so I'm thinking the LX is probably
> pushing a resolution that the VGA monitor doesn't like. He did 
> mention
> that the NVRAM is dead - could this be having an impact on things?
> It's been long enough that I can't remember - is there a magic key
> combination to do a reset to factory defaults while blind? I don't 
> have
> a serial cable at present for my terminal, alas.
> Thanks,
> William

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