[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 133, Issue 12

Sun Dec 15 14:23:40 CST 2013

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>Subj:	rescue Digest, Vol 133, Issue 12

This whole digest is going in my "rescue" folder of saved gems. :)

Thank you all for the replies.  Some comments are below.

>From: Robert Novak <rnovak at indyramp.com>

>For the IPX memory, you are apparently looking for FPM ECC RAM... you can
>put up to 64mb onboard, and I found one source with the 16mb simms for
>under $10. (http://www.oempcworld.com/OEMPCworld-com/004467.html). (No

Thanks.  I'm going to get the Classic up and running and once I decide what
OSes to run I'll stuff 'em both full of memory.  I'd like to run one of them
headless full time, and use the other as a desktop, which of course will
involve getting an adapter of sorts to one of my LCDs.

>There is also an option to put the "Boris & Natasha" sbus-like memory board
>into an IPX--it was designed for the SS2 but the supplemental connector is
>on the IPX board too. Be warned that if you don't grind down your power
>supply a little bit, you may not be able to remove this memory board
>intact. I broke one in '97 trying to remove it.

In some of my research I saw that the IPX can take the "sbus" memory boards,
so your comment just confirms it.

>You'll also want to look at earlier threads this month (I think) about the
>viable replacements for SunFreeware, which went pay-only in October of this

I saw those.  They've been deleted from my mail but I can always look at the

>Hope this helps.

Most definitely!

>From: Peter Stokes <peter at ashlyn.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: [rescue] Sparc Classic & IPX rescue

>If you want to stay in the period, then you need to run, from memory, Sunos
>4.x and Openview or Solaris 1.x.

A SunOS 4.x machine is where I had one of my first public access Unix
accounts.  That sounds like something I need to pursue ... :)

Again - thanks everyone for the replies.  Once I resurrect one or both, I'll
post again to the list.  Also incidentally, in the rescue was a case that
looked like an IPX or Classic, but was not badged on the front.  It was HEAVY. 
I opened it up and it turns out it was a disk expansion of some sort with a
mammoth Seagate SCSI drive in it.


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