[rescue] Sparc Classic & IPX rescue

Sat Dec 14 20:56:40 CST 2013

Hi all,

Picked up a Classic and IPX recently and finally had time to dig in.  Have a 
serial cable on the way, have plenty of SCSI hard drives so I slapped one in 
there.  While I'm waiting for the serial cable to arrive so I can hook it up to
my terminal server, I have been pondering operating systems ...

I'd like to run something Solaris-ish.  Is this even legal?  Sure, I could run
NetBSD, Linux, or OpenBSD, but that's too easy.  I'd like to stay "in the
period" if I can ... I am not *overly* concerned about security as you'll have
to have an account on my main ssh accessible system to get to the Sun(s) - I
won't port forward to them specifically.

I'm also looking for sources of memory for the IPX (it came with none, which I
knew going in).  Any pointers would be appreciated.



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