[rescue] Looking for an IPX OT: picture of a SLC 4/20 or ELC ?

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Thu Dec 12 13:04:10 CST 2013

>> I miss [CRTs'] crispness (monochrome tubes, sans shadow mask,
>> especially).  I miss their correct handling of different-duration
>> front and back porches [...]
> High-DPI LCDs go a long, long way to correct the crispness/scaling
> issues.

Possibly.  I've seen relatively impressive displays on palmtop
computers (the one I saw had radios in it and was being sold as a
phone).  Going external will be difficult because of the bandwidth
needed for that kind of resolution at desktop sizes.

> (With the added bonus of perfect geometry!)

Oh, that reminds me of another difference: CRTs don't have dead pixels
(or at least have them far more rarely and they're always dead in the
same direction).

> On the "retina" macbooks, I can't discern individual pixels until my
> glasses are touching the screen.  My eyes just aren't good enough.
> Fonts are unbelievably crisp.  Odd scaling factors are no longer
> bothersome.

Nice.  If I didn't (a) expect the hardware to be undocumented, (b)
dislike supporting Apple, and (c) dislike the mechanical flimsiness
that goes with the current drive to thinner and thinner laptops, I'd be
tempted to get one.

> As for external displays, Dell just started selling a 185 dpi 24".  I
> haven't gotten to try one of those yet.

3840x2160 or some such?  With a pixel clock of almost half a gigahertz
(at 60Hz vertical), I suspect the interconnect is a major reason
they're not wider-spread.  (Also not of much use to me, though that's
nothing new; (a) my desktop doesn't have anything like the framebuffer
RAM[%] or pixel clock rate for that and (b) almost certainly doesn't
have an electrically compatible video signal interface.)

[%] Well, at 2bpp it would, but I don't think its pixel data path can
do <8bpp.

However, 185dpi isn't all that high-res.  It's definitely getting into
medium-res, but 300dpi laser printers taught me I can see 1/300" under
many circumstances, and I don't consider it really high-res until I
can't see one-pixel differences under pretty much any circumstances.
(My idea of high-res is something like a 2400dpi digital typesetter.)

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