[rescue] Looking for an IPX OT: picture of a SLC 4/20 or ELC ?

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Thu Dec 12 12:30:34 CST 2013

On 12/11/2013 11:41 PM, Mouse wrote:
> I miss their crispness (monochrome tubes, sans shadow mask,
> especially).  I miss their correct handling of different-duration front
> and back porches (I have a flatscreen and three peecees driving it via
> a KVM; I've been unable to set the flatscreen such that I can switch
> among the peecees and not have at least one of them lose at least one
> character column to horizontal misalignment).  I miss their ability to
> display disparate resolutions sanely - modern panel displays always
> make them look either ugly or very ugly, blurry too in some cases.
> 					Mouse

High-DPI LCDs go a long, long way to correct the crispness/scaling 
issues.  (With the added bonus of perfect geometry!)

On the "retina" macbooks, I can't discern individual pixels until my 
glasses are touching the screen.  My eyes just aren't good enough. Fonts 
are unbelievably crisp. Odd scaling factors are no longer bothersome.

As for external displays, Dell just started selling a 185 dpi 24".  I 
haven't gotten to try one of those yet.

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