[rescue] Looking for an IPX OT: picture of a SLC 4/20 or ELC ?

Hauke Fath hauke at Espresso.Rhein-Neckar.DE
Thu Dec 12 01:23:14 CST 2013

At 23:41 Uhr -0500 11.12.2013, Mouse wrote:
>I miss their ability to
>display disparate resolutions sanely - modern panel displays always
>make them look either ugly or very ugly, blurry too in some cases.  (A
>very few - I think I've seen three - are capable of being told to
>letterbox rather than magnify.

I can recommend my Eizo (Nanao) L685 here - cost me an arm and a leg twelve
years ago, but still going strong. I use it a lot with old Macintoshes,
which usually amount to 1152x870 at most.

A few years ago its backlight failed - turned out that a spike had taken
out three SMD fuses, all nicely soldered to the backs of different boards.
I was close to giving up when I found them... been happy ever since.

Does anyone have a list of TFTs that (optionally) do not scale non-native


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