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Mon Dec 9 06:40:05 CST 2013

" From: "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net>
" Quoth Peter Stokes ...
" > But is ISDN of use anymore, in the UK BT charge serious money 
" > for the service now as definitely not a preferred service?
" I suppose there are places in the US where you can't get any land-line-based
" Internet service except dial-up or ISDN, but I expect they are getting rare.
" DSL is getting wide-spread, even in the semi-boonies.

i think it can be fairly said that isdn evolved into dsl on more than
one technical level.  residential isdn was never popular here but
t1-speed isdn-pri for pbxes is, first sdsl, then differently-coded
hdsl, and now shdsl, 5.7Mbps on each of 1 to 4 pairs, and it can carry
atm cells or ethernet packets [frame relay?] as well as isdn xB+D.
btw right from the start, if you ordered a t1 you were likely to get a
sdsl with converters, cheaper for the telco.

and then consumer-targeted adsl/adsl2/adsl2+/vdsl/vdsl2 etc, some of
which can also bond multiple pairs.
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