[rescue] Looking for an IPX

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Sun Dec 8 14:25:58 CST 2013

Quoth Peter Stokes ...
> But is ISDN of use anymore, in the UK BT charge serious money 
> for the service now as definitely not a preferred service?

I suppose there are places in the US where you can't get any land-line-based
Internet service except dial-up or ISDN, but I expect they are getting rare.
DSL is getting wide-spread, even in the semi-boonies.

When we first moved here, 12 years ago, the best I could do was ISDN.  My
bill was about US$200/month, for 64/128kbps service, and I had the router
set to its most economical settings.

I had an LX at the time, but it wasn't suitable for the local Telco's ISDN.
I don't remember why.


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