[rescue] Even MORE Free Solaris Stuff

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sat Dec 7 12:49:40 CST 2013

I'm sorry about posting these in bursts.  I missed this pile of stuff in
my previous sweep.  I think this should about do it for my old Solaris
media kits:

     * Solaris 7 x86 base media kit
     * Solaris 7 x86 media kit with 03/99 updates
     * Solaris 7 SPARC Desktop Media kit (includes software supplement)
     * A boxed set (opened) of Solaris 2.6 Desktop (with 05/98 updates
       and the Sun Workshop compilers.
     * One last copy (after the initial five plus the six more that I
       found later) of Solaris 1.1.2 in a slightly-bent jewel case.  It's
       still sealed, but I'd be willing to open it and compare it against
       my working copy.

First takers get what they want by media mail.  Thanks so much for helping
me clear off my bookshelves!

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