[rescue] Sun P2 pinouts, (WAS rescue Digest, Vol 129, Issue 17)

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Thu Aug 29 09:34:16 CDT 2013

>> The A & C rows of the J2 and the B row of the J3 was used for a
>> CPU<->Memory bus, or a graphics bus.
>> I think that the pinout of the memory bus differed between the processors.
>> If it matters, I am specifically interested in its use on sun2. But I'll
>take anything. I have a sun2 memory board that I want a clearer
>of, in order to troubleshoot its failure mode more effectively.
>BTW here is the draft of what I am working on. Obviously, you can get some
>sense for what is going on with just what I've been able to reverse engineer
>here. Having the P2 bus connector pinouts would make it practically
>transparent. They have to be SOMEWHERE...!

 There is a Sun-3 CPU schematic on Bitsavers. Not as clear as a straight
pinout, but looks like you can figure some stuff out from it.

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