[rescue] VAX 6000s and HSC controllers available in Winnipeg

cbajus at mts.net cbajus at mts.net
Wed Aug 28 11:57:48 CDT 2013

I thought had some interested parties but all appear to have vanished...

Unfortunately, some gear has already gone to the scrapper but I've managed to
hang onto two VAX 6000s (the 420 and 610).  The /420 has an internal TK70 tape
drive, and I also have a box of assorted XMI boards (including another /600
CPU, numerous 128MB boards, CI adapters, FDDI, Ethernet, etc.) for building
out if you're so inclined.

These systems are free to pickup in Winnipeg (Canada) at a location equipped
with loading dock and hydraulic lift, so there should be no problems with
loading (assuming you've brought a big enough boat...).

Please pass this along to any other interested parties or lists and help me
rescue these classic DEC machines from a sorry fate.


From: cbajus at mts.net
To: rescue at sunhelp.org
Subject: VAX 6000s and HSC controllers available in Winnipeg
Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 10:59:26 -0500

Any hardcore DEC collectors out there?

$work is finally getting rid of a few rows of classic DEC gear from our
datacentre, which includes 3 VAX 6000s (310, 420, and 610) and a number of HSC
controllers (40, 50, and two 95s).  I'm absolutely _not_ offering to ship any
of these items, but they're available for pickup in Winnipeg (Canada) if
anyone is interested.


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