[rescue] long shot... anybody got a Gateway 486?

Ian McLaughlin ian at platinum.net
Tue Apr 30 13:16:47 CDT 2013

On 2013-04-30, at 10:54 AM, JP Hindin <jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com> wrote:

> That reminds me, if anyone is near Iowa and wants an Onyx2 rack (presumed
> working, but I give no guarantees;) I could use to get rid of at least
> three of them. Unless the SP/2 rack nightmare, the SGI racks are aluminium
> and truly a delight to derack and transport!

It's times like this that make me wish I didn't live up here in the Great
White North.  So far away from vintage gear that's been given away.  That
being said, if I come across a VAX 11/780 (or 11/750) being given away, I'll
drive for three days straight to pick it up :)

It's funny how we all have fond memories of the first 'big iron' we used.


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