[rescue] Three workstations to good homes

Nathan Raymond nraymond at gmail.com
Tue Apr 30 09:11:40 CDT 2013

So I'm making room for a new addition to the family later this year (my
first kid!), and in cleaning up a room I realize I haven't powered up my
pizza box workstations in a while, so as much as I don't want to see them
go, they should find some new homes.  I won't say no to money, but it's
more important to me that these get some use. What I have, from memory:

1) Sun SPARCstation 20, full RAM (VSIMM for CG14 frame buffer, plus
whatever else to nearly reach 512MB), one of the stock single CPU modules,
100Base-T/SCSI MBUS card.  Also, I have a Sun keyboard/mouse to PS/2
adapter box from Belkin.

2) HP 9000/712, PA-7100LC 100 MHz CPU, 192MB RAM.

3) SGI Indy, R4400SC 200Mhz CPU, XL24 graphics, 100Base-T GIO32 card, 384MB
RAM, IndyCam, SGI keyboard and mouse.

The Sun and HP PA-RISC systems I bought to run NeXTSTEP, so they can do
that if you're so inclined.  The HP and SGI are both native PS/2 for
keyboard and mouse, and with the Belkin box on the Sun, some 13W3 to VGA
adapters and a sync-on-green monitor you could hook them up to a KVM.  I
don't know how big the hard drives are offhand, but 10 years ago when I
upgraded these workstations I typically went out and bought new 4GB or 8GB
SCSI drives, but I'll have to check.

I'm in Providence, RI.  I'll be doing powerup tests and checks on these
over the next few weeks, as I have time.  Let me know off-list if you're
interested, and where you're located (I prefer local pickup since
packing/shipping can be time consulting since the exterior case plastics on
this era of computer is starting to get brittle due to age I think).

- Nate

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