[rescue] long shot... anybody got a Gateway 486?

Dan Moore dan at moore.cx
Tue Apr 30 08:08:04 CDT 2013

> My first computer ever was a Gateway 486, looked exactly like
> http://www.troubleshooters.com/lpm/200610/gateway_486_25.jpg

Are you sure it was a 486?  The first x86 computer my family had was a 
Gateway 386/16mhz in exactly that case.  I know I have some evidence of 
this because I took photos when I (sorry for you) finally threw it out a 
few years ago.

Since it looks like this is turning into a "my first computer thread": 
First computer I ever used was either a TRS-80 MC-10 or Sinclair 1000, and 
the first I bought was a TRS-80 4P.

Dan Moore

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