[rescue] long shot... anybody got a Gateway 486?

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Mon Apr 29 18:50:25 CDT 2013

    On Mon, 29 Apr 2013, Lionel Peterson wrote:

> Youngin's!

    That's a dangerous term sometimes, be careful.

    In my *very* early years, I got some limited time on a PDP-1
to play "Spacewar!" (How else would my elder aunt's then boyfriend
have impressed the youngster in tow?) and some late 1960s SDS kit.
I also recall seeing the PDP-6 and a number of KA-10s in MIT's
lab in the late '60s.

    From there, and into actual consciousness, the first machine I
ever properly explored (and mastered) was a DG Nova 840 (which I
have in my collection and it still runs -- not bad for a 40-year-
old); after that, the first class of systems I actually worked on
in my professional life was the PDP-10 (of which 4 types were
produced) and just a couple of weeks ago got hands-on (and brains-
on) time with the KI-10 at Seattle's Living Computer Museum.  It
was like going home.

    I do not wish to offend needlessly, but microprocessors leave me
cold.  Give me a big old box filled with TTL or discrete components 
and I'm happy.


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