[rescue] Sgi dat drive?

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 27 18:01:26 CDT 2013

Argh, sorry about posting with the wrong subject...

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>> I have one of these Seagate
Python DAT drives. If the firmware is in a 
>> standard EPROM I'll pull it
off. If there is a utility that can download 
>> it over SCSI, I could do
that as well.
>> At some point in the future I will be selling it but it
will be bundled 
>> with a SGI Indigo, IRIX 5.2 original media, original
keyboard and mouse 
>> and a modified Toshiba CD-ROM.
>> In the meantime,
it would be fun to free that firmware.
> Ethan,
> What model Seagate
Python drive do you have?  There were many models of those 
> drives and even
more firmware personalities.
> Back in the old days, for Exabyte 8mm
drives, you could use one of their DOS 
> utilities to create a firmware load
tape from a connected drive.  Really useful 
> for updating additional drives
that don't have a host connection available 
> or are on a host where a
download of firmware via SCSI isn't supported. 
>  I'm not aware of anything
similar for the Pythons, but that would be cool.
> -Jonathan

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