[rescue] Dual Ross SparcPlug rackmount with HS180 processors (available again!)

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Thu Apr 25 11:55:10 CDT 2013

Back in 2005, I picked up this nifty little item from Curtis H. Wilbar
Jr, off this very mailing list. Now, 8 years later, I'm in the process
of liquidating my collection. Like Curtis said in 2005, I never really
did anything with it. Here's the rest of his description from 2005:

  Each SparcPlug has a HS180 processor in it.  Each one has 128M or RAM
  in it (actually I think one of them has 192M in it).

  There is a 2G drive attached to each.

  This is a fairly interesting 3U rackmount enclosure that has the two
  SparcPlug's side by side in the front, then the drive cages sit
  behind them, then the power supplies.

  What is more interesting is this unit was owned by Ross engineering
  (vsp-107 and I think vsp-108 from eng05.ross.com NIS domain).

Make me an offer. I'm more interested in it finding a good home than
$$$, but some cash would be nice too. Shipping will probably be around
100-125 (domestic). I'm in 01432, if you wanted to come get it.


Fedora Project

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