[rescue] Solaris for PrimePower 250?

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Wed Apr 24 14:27:47 CDT 2013

On 04/24/2013 12:00, Sandwich Maker wrote:
> [...] but on all the installers
> from sunos4 up to solaris 8, you can simply right-click over the
> desktop and a menu [...]

Desktop? Menu? In the SunOS 4 installer? ISTR it was always text console 
for SunOS 4.

In fact after a couple years in the working world I encountered an old 
Sun-2/150U that had SunOS 3 on it, and discovered the SunTools-based GUI 
installer, and howled because they had given up something that 
convenient for the text-only stuff on SunOS 4.


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